You’ll discover why just eating healthy or exercising is not giving you the body or the health you want…and why going to separate nutritionists, physical therapists, fitness trainers, specialists, and chiropractors is not working.

It’s like having the pieces to a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle yet you not being able to join them together to complete the jigsaw picture.

The fact that you’re on this page means that “some type of health, wellness, or performance issue” applies to you in some way or you know something is a miss in your current health, wellness or performance.

The first thing I want you to realize is this, if you’re struggling with your health, wellness, or performance it’s not your fault. If you’re struggling, it’s for one reason only and that reason is that you’ve never been taught how to listen and tweak your body and mind to perform at their best and how to integrate your nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, and correct movement together to life the BEST VERSION of YOU – happy, healthy, pain-free, injury-free, in peak performance, and with a peaceful state of mind.

As you’ll discover, being totally healthy – physically and mentally – is far easier than you may think. Truth be told, it’s actually very easy.

If you’re like most of us, you were led to believe a lot of wrong things:

  • I’m old so it’s normal for me to gain weight
  • I’ll sleep when I am dead, I am good as long as I have a few cups of coffee
  • I try to eat healthy and I exercise so I’m sure I am healthy
  • Doctors are telling me there is no other fix, surgery will fix my problem
  • I can burn all this junk food when I exercise tomorrow
  • As long as I take these pills, I’ll be fine
  • Diets are great to get me back on track
  • If I workout hard enough I should see my six packs
  • Having allergies and flus is normal

Yet, if these were actually true everyone who is eating healthy food and exercising should be having the perfect weight, be injury-free, pain-free, healthy, performing at their best, and have a happy and peaceful mindset and that is just not the case and you know that.

Global medical spending is projected to increase at 2%-5% annually and exceed $1.1 trillion in 2024.

The global healthcare market is expected to grow to nearly $11,908.9 billion by 2022.

Lifestyle-related factors including smoking, poor diet, hypertension, obesity, and lack of physical activity contribute to many of the top 10 global causes of death.

If you don’t take proper action now, are you going to be another customer and contributor to pharmaceutical companies’ profits spending your hard-earned money and savings on pills and surgeries instead of living your life to the fullest!

It doesn’t have to be this way, and the unfortunate reality is that you and everyone have literally have not been shown how to integrate your food, sleep, mindfulness, and correct movement together to help you be the BEST VERSION of You.

Yep, in the world we live…

You have been programed to believe in quick fixes that are
band-aids for your health – treating only the symptoms

without really fixing the fundamental root causes of your health issues so they never surface again. You’re already working against yourself and you’re working backwards.

I grew up thinking the same way. I was made to believe that:

  • You have to workout everyday if you want to improve
    I thought grinding and working out every single day rain, shine, or snow was the way to become a professional triple jumper
  • It doesn’t matter what you eat, it’s the calories that count
    I was eating extra-large double chocolate muffins, pizzas, protein shakes, and everything I could find to fill me up and give me energy
  • Sleeping means I am lazy and I should be doing something productive
    I had to train, work, and socialize, sleep was the last thing on my mind!
  • Pills are there to reduce my pains and aches
    I was taking pain killers every day as I thought that was the way to contain the inflammation and pains in my body!

These types of beliefs and expectations probably applies to you or others reading this right now. And, even if you’re not just getting by, I know for a fact that many of you reading this live from the “this is just how it is” mentality.

Life for most people is a constant “hamster wheel” of body pains and aches, weight rollercoasters, bloating, illnesses, allergies, injuries, insomnia, anxiety, skin rashes, performance peaks and plateaus and it’s just a matter of degree for most everyone.

The truth is this. Being healthy is easy. The problem is that there are only a handful of people in the world that have the knowledge, understanding, skills, and the proven experience (integrating multiple specialities) to see how everything in your body – from nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, and correct movement – all work together to help you become the BEST VERSION of YOU – so, you could enjoy your life to the fullest every single day.

The Cold Hard Truth is This: UNTIL You Learn and Master How to Integrate All Four Pillars – Nutrition, Sleep, Correct Movement, and Mindfulness – through Navin’s REDT Method, You Will Struggle with Your Health, Wellness, and Performance…

I Know, Because I Did Too!

How much of this applies to you?

  • You are going to separate nutritionists, personal trainers, chiropractors, yoga teachers, etc. to stay healthy, active, and improve your performance
  • You have had trouble losing that belly fat or bulge despite going on different diets or eating healthy
  • You have been working out like mad for hours at a time, but you are still not seeing your six packs
  • You have trouble falling sleeping and/or staying asleep
  • You want to be healthy, but you don’t know who has the comprehensive knowledge to give that advice you can trust
  • You experience body pain with stiffness, tightness, or aches almost daily
  • You think taking pain reliever pill s daily is normal
  • You feel anxious, stressed, or angry often with the world or the people around you
  • You have skin irritations, rashes, or discolorings on your face or body and you think that is just normal
  • You keep getting injured and pulling muscles often when exercising and you blame it on not stretching enough or being clumsy
  • You think that having serious allergies, common colds and flus, illnesses, and diseases are part of life and the environment
  • You are experiencing energy rollercoaster highs and crashes throughout the day and dependent on caffeine and snacks to get you through
  • You are having trouble focusing and remembering and you are blaming it on age
  • You are having subpar performance in sports and exercising, and you are not sure why

If you are experiencing ANY of these issues, then this program IS for you!

If any of this applies to you the fact is that you don’t know how to “fix” your issue. If you did know how to fix them then you would have already done so. As brutal as that sounds, the more you think about it the more you’ll realize it’s the truth.

And, an even more brutal truth is that you can no longer AFFORD to stay satisfied and complacent with where you are with your health and wellness…

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You need someone who knows how to help you join ALL the different pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together – treating your body as a “whole system” – the way it actually functions – so you can complete the jigsaw and see results.

Incorporating nine (9) different health disciplines, 20 years of experience, and using the latest evidence-based practices in science and technology, Navin uses his REDT Method to help people see results and improve their health, wellness, and performance by sharing the fundamentals that no other healthcare providers have the experience or the knowledge to offer.

The BEST ME Program is hands down the most effective and comprehensive online health program that identifies and gives you the missing pieces to the jigsaw puzzle that compromise your health, wellness, and performance and prevents you from seeing results – so you can live your life healthy, pain-free, injury-free, in peak performance, and in a state of peace and happiness.


With the BEST ME Program…

  • Learn fundamental tips and tools that doctors and specialists don’t know or don’t tell you that will give you results and see improvements in your health and wellness – WITHOUT spending all your money!
  • If you are injured or in pain, learn how to address and fix the root cause so you can prevent your injuries or pain
  • Learn how to use your body and mind as a dashboard – a health and wellness indicator so you know how to make tweaks and improve your health and wellness yourself
  • Understand how to integrate Nutrition + Sleep + Mindfulness + Correct Movement so you treat your whole body just not parts of it
  • Learn how to eat right, sleep right, exercise right, and have a peaceful mind
  • If you have plateaued, learn how you can continue to build strength, speed, and be in peak performance

Have you FULLY CONSIDERED where will you be 5-10 years from now if you don’t make a commitment to truly understand how your food, sleep, mindfulness, and exercises/activities are all inter-related and affect your health, wellness, and performance? You will not be in the same place with the same health, you will actually be worse off… Because you missed out on 5-10 years of living your BEST life!

How are you modeling your life if you have children for them to grow up being healthy physically and mentally if you don’t know the fundamentals yourself to teach them?

Are you going to be another victim to serious illnesses like hearth disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, cancer, or diabetes and suffer instead of enjoying life doing what you love to do pain-free and happy?

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