My approach is focused on preventive care and pain-free living. What motivates me and lights my passion is helping people with their health, wellness, and performance so they are able to live the best version of themselves!

I had an issue with my back when I first started working for the Washington Wizards and Navin was there to save the day. His knowledge & approach to get my body aligned correctly was amazing. I cannot speak highly enough about his energy & understanding of his clients.

Navin brings everything to the table from experience, professionalism,& most importantly positive energy. I refer to him as “the light bulb” because the room brightens up when he is present.

Mike Longabardi

Having the fortune of learning from Navin early in my career provided me the opportunity of playing professionally for 15 years. He didn’t just give me the information needed, he led by example and provided literature while challenging me to dig deeper in the search of understanding my body. In doing so, he prepared me to live a healthy life beyond my elite playing days.Thanks Navin!

Alana Beard
There has really never been a time when I didn’t consult with Navin whenever the matter of health has come up. Navin has been my family advisor (whether he wanted to be or not), for many years. He was our advisor when my husband tore his quadriceps to when my daughter broke her arm. And in between has checked out my sister for plantar fascia and helped me with the various aches that come from wearing 3+ inch heels (shoes not approved by Navin).

The way Navin interacts with everyone, whether they are athletes or regular folks, and his welcoming demeanor makes it so easy to ask him for help and advice. He gives the best analogy to help you truly understand what is going on with your own body.

What makes Navin special is that he wants to make sure that you are wholly healed. He is not looking for a quick fix or short term solution. Due to his superior understanding of how our bodies are connected, he is able to see something as simple as calf pain and get to the root of the issue.

If you want to work with someone who will genuinely care about you and your well-being, who wants to make sure that your entire body functions the way that it should, look no further than Navin. It will be the best decision that you will make for your health.

Ketsia Coleman