Is Food Your Poison or Medicine?

This is a book for those who have tried everything to be healthy, fit, and pain-free, and still not seeing results! Dr. Navin Hettiarachchi Ph.D., DNM, the health, wellness, and performance expert to elite athletes and superstars, gives you fundamental knowledge and tips to have better health in just 8-weeks.

  • If you are interested in improving your health but don’t know where to start, or if you are confused, you are not alone. Most of the people that Dr. Navin comes across every day are that way. It very quickly became evident to Dr. Navin that most people seeking his nutritional advice are very interested in being healthy. However, they have no idea where to start or what to do. They are confused because of all the conflicting and ever-changing information on what to eat and what not to eat, and they have followed all the conventional doctors’ advice, health tips and tried all the diets with no long-lasting results.
  • Life for most people is a constant “hamster wheel” of body pains and aches, weight rollercoasters, bloating, illnesses, allergies, injuries, insomnia, anxieties, skin rashes, performance peaks, and plateaus, and it’s just a matter of degree for most everyone.
  • If you identify with any of these symptoms, the brutal truth is that you can no longer AFFORD to stay satisfied and complacent with where you are with your health and wellness…
  • This book was born out of necessity to help people like you, that Dr. Navin came across every day, that kept asking him basic questions on how they could improve their health. Dr. Navin found himself spending hours with each client and started noticing a recurring pattern. Most clients did not know the difference between foods that served them as their natural medicine and foods that poisoned them and made their current health worse! Even nutritionists were giving archaic or misleading advice to patients. This book was written to help you have the best health, wellness, and performance, so you live your BEST life.
  • Dr. Navin has had access to the latest and best nutrition information, science, and technology throughout his 20-year career. He takes this information and simplifies it so you could follow an 8-week plan that will help you achieve your health goals!
  • Use this book as your first step to empowering yourself with the right fundamental knowledge as to what foods are your medicine and poison. After reading this book and following the information therein for 8 weeks, you will be empowered with the knowledge to take charge of your health and live your best life!
  • Before you run a marathon, you need to be able to run around the block. Just like that, this is the basic food information you need to get started on your way to improving your health. When following the food specifications in this book, Dr. Navin’s clients have avoided surgeries, gotten off prescription drugs, lost their aches and pains that they have had for years, and some have even healed from surgeries in record time!
  • Dr. Navin gives you a list of foods to eat and drink (medicine) and not to eat and drink (poison) for the next 8 weeks. He also empowers you with what to look for when buying food so you can make smart choices with the food that you buy and eat every day to serve as your medicine. You can use this information to help you make informed and smart decisions in the future as you choose the food you eat. For example, did you know that while extra virgin olive oil is good for you, if you use it to cook, it becomes a toxin to your body?
  • This book is to help you start on your amazing health journey. Dr. Navin can’t wait to hear your success story, and be sure to share your story with others to motivate and help them reach their health goals as well.