My typical clients are people:

  • looking to heal faster from an injury or surgery
  • looking for alternatives to surgery
  • suffering from health problems after trying every type of conventional method – pills, therapies to surgeries – and know that this NOT how you want to live the rest of your life
  • wanting to fine tune their overall health and wellness with preventive care

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I work one-on-one with each client to tailor my approach and treatments for each client’s individualized needs. Therefore, I travel to each client’s environment anywhere across the country or across the world to meet them and treat them within their familiar surroundings.



My treatment structure

Go ahead and take this opportunity working with me. You have everything to gain – your health, your wellness, and your life!

After we work together and once you’ve experienced the results for yourself, I can’t wait to see you smiling and living your BEST LIFE: pain-free, injury-free, and happy !

Here’s what my clients are saying…

I was playing golf one day with one of my new business partners and I could not even get myself to walk to the golf cart. I have not been able to eat and enjoy most foods for years having severe allergic reactions or diarrhea. This has been worsening and taking a toll on me, weakening my body. I noticed the stress was also impacting my mental state and memory. He knew about my health issues and kept insisting I call Dr. Hettiarachchi. I was very hesitant to call Dr. Hettiarachchi because I had seen so many doctors around the country and had done every single test possible, yet nobody could figure out what was going on or why I was having all these violent reactions to certain food! They had no answers and all they told me was not to eat this long list of foods! I have had to take my chef with me wherever I went because I had to be so careful of what I eat. Worried that I was going to come to another dead end but because of the insistence of my partner, I finally reached out to Dr. Hettiarachchi and he came to visit me over a weekend. I knew he was different than all the doctors I had seen because the questions he was asking me were very different. This intrigued me because he was looking at my issue from a very different way. He wanted to know my whole history and look at all my test results and he spent the entire weekend working with me. All I can tell you is that by the end of his visit I had healed and cured my food issues and was able to enjoy the foods I could not eat for years! It was incredible! This man just opened my eyes to another world of self-healing which I had not known about! I am so thankful that my partner insisted I see Dr. Hettiarachchi! In the same way, if you are reading this, please don’t hesitate, there is no one like him out there – he will change your life and your health!

Thomas W.

My name is Allen Gill. I am 59 years old and a General Contractor and cattle rancher. I am also a professional team roper. If you are not familiar with team roping, it is an event performed by cowboys at rodeos and other events. It is also necessary for the care, doctoring and management of cattle on ranches across the country.

I met Navin through a series of coincidences and, I believe, some divine intervention. When I met Navin in May, 2022, I was unable to rope due to chronic shoulder pain. I had previously had an MRI that revealed a tear in the rotator cuff along with some other issues. I was taking several Ibuprofen per day just to be able to sleep. If I was roping, I was taking as many as nine Ibuprofen per day. I have also had several injections as well as physical therapy, none of which fully relieved the pain. I was scheduled to meet with a surgeon to repair the damage in my shoulder. At a lunch meeting with Navin and a mutual friend, the subject of my shoulder was brought up. Navin offered to look at my shoulder and perform some therapy.

During the visit for therapy on my shoulder which included, among other things, stretching, massage and breathing exercises, Navin offered to discuss my nutritional health. That is when the magic happened. Fast forward about four months later, after following a very specific lifestyle and nutrition plan, I am down 40 pounds and no longer prediabetic. As a result of the change in my eating habits (mostly getting rid of sugar), the inflammation is gone from my shoulder and I no longer suffer from any pain. I haven’t taken any Ibuprofen for several months and I’m back to roping competitively at a level where I haven’t been in years and I no longer need surgery.

Beyond just treating my physical and nutritional needs, Navin has become a very dear friend. I have never been around a more warm, caring and positive soul. He just makes you want to do better and live better and he gives you the tools to do so. I’ve been asked many times what “diet” I am following. I don’t consider my eating plan a “diet”. Your eating habits have to become a lifestyle to really make a change. I had known some of what I needed to do for years but Navin explained everything in a way that made sense to me. Every recommendation Navin offers, is backed by research and scientific studies including the importance of your mental health, your posture and your breathing.

Navin has taught me the importance of meditation and how to do so along with the need to live “in the present”. He has taught me not to worry about what has happened or what may happen tomorrow, but to really live a joyful life at the present time. If you are tired of being tired, overweight and unhappy, I highly recommend scheduling a visit with Navin. He will give you the information and the tools you will need to start living a healthier life. I know that he has certainly changed mine for the better.

Allen Gill

Navin saved my career when I injured my knee. All the team doctors and specialists I had consulted across the country told me that I have to have surgery and I didn’t want to do that because I was scared that would be the end of my career! Luckily, I called Navin and he flew over within a few days. I knew he was the only person who would know how to help me. Navin got to work fast working on me with my flexibility, range of motion, strength and he even tested my bloodwork, my sleep quality, and he was also working with my chef to make sure I was eating healthy anti-inflammatory food! I know he even gave a whole list of places for my chef to go get food locally. He did everything from every angle to help me heal properly. He also introduced me to biohacking treatments so he would come and do treatment all morning and then in the evening he would add these biohacking treatments to get me healed faster and help keep up my performance level during this tough time.

I think he sensed that I was really down and stressed mentally about my injury so he was constantly coaching me on mindset and the power of our thoughts, sharing all these incredible stories of patients and scientific research who had used mindfulness to heal! Navin is truly a unique gem who will go above and beyond what you would ever expect! Of course, with his ever smiling positive personality, it was really hard to be down for long!

He was able to get me back to playing in just two and a half months and without any surgery!!! He didn’t stop there, he also involved my wife and the chef and shared his knowledge with them so they knew how to best support me during this time and gave us all these resources – just incredible extra things we didn’t even expect!

Even though I have been injury-free for months now, Navin still checks up on me sending me videos of exercises I should do or little reminders and share health articles he comes across. I’ve never met a person who genuinely cares so passionately about keeping me healthy! I hope you use Navin without thinking twice because you will never look back after! He will be the best and the only investment you will ever want for your health!

Erik D.

had gone to so many specialists for my knee issue and none of them were able to help me in the past few months. I was still having knee pain and nobody could tell me why I was having knee pain. Dr. Navin was able to identify the root cause of my knee issue which was not even the knee (it was another area in my body) and get me pain free in just two sessions! It is incredible! He is just gifted and I feel like he gives more than 100% every time I see him – it’s like his only goal is to get me better! He goes above and beyond any doctor I know! He seems to genuinely care so deeply about my health and wellness, it is so refreshing. I now consider him one of my greatest friends! I have already recommended him to all my family members and my friends!

Danielle Thompson (D.T.)

I had an issue with my back when I first started working for the Washington Wizards and Navin was there to save the day. His knowledge & approach to get my body aligned correctly was amazing. I cannot speak highly enough about his energy & understanding of his clients.

Navin brings everything to the table from experience, professionalism,& most importantly positive energy. I refer to him as “the light bulb” because the room brightens up when he is present.

Mike Longabardi

Having the fortune of learning from Navin early in my career provided me the opportunity of playing professionally for 15 years. He didn’t just give me the information needed, he led by example and provided literature while challenging me to dig deeper in the search of understanding my body. In doing so, he prepared me to live a healthy life beyond my elite playing days.Thanks Navin!

Alana Beard

There has really never been a time when I didn’t consult with Navin whenever the matter of health has come up. Navin has been my family advisor (whether he wanted to be or not), for many years. He was our advisor when my husband tore his quadriceps to when my daughter broke her arm. And in between has checked out my sister for plantar fascia and helped me with the various aches that come from wearing 3+ inch heels (shoes not approved by Navin).

The way Navin interacts with everyone, whether they are athletes or regular folks, and his welcoming demeanor makes it so easy to ask him for help and advice. He gives the best analogy to help you truly understand what is going on with your own body.

What makes Navin special is that he wants to make sure that you are wholly healed. He is not looking for a quick fix or short term solution. Due to his superior understanding of how our bodies are connected, he is able to see something as simple as calf pain and get to the root of the issue.

If you want to work with someone who will genuinely care about you and your well-being, who wants to make sure that your entire body functions the way that it should, look no further than Navin. It will be the best decision that you will make for your health.

Ketsia Coleman

I am a long distance runner and have been suffering from shin splints for years. I had changed shoe brands so many times and consulted different doctors but my still kept coming and hampering my performance. Luckily a friend introduced me to Dr. Hettiarachchi and I have been injury free ever since! He checked my walking, running, flexibility, strength and showed me how my body patterns were straining my shins. He gave me hip exercises to position my hips properly and showed me how I was walking in a bad pattern that was stressing my shins – which nobody else had told me was causing me all my injuries! He showed me exercises that would get me in the right position. I have never met a doctor who is so excited to help me. Thank you Dr. Hettiarachchi, I am so lucky to have you help me! I cannot recommend him enough to everyone I know who has any injury or pain!

Christina Grace


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