If you have tried EVERYTHING.

Gone to every type of specialist.

YET, you are not happy with your weight, suffering from pains and aches, feel like you are not in shape, or keep getting injured.

If you are ready to resign to the fact that this is going to be your way of life going forward and you just have to accept it – PLEASE DON’T!

There IS a way!

Go ahead and take this opportunity working with me. You have got nothing to lose and everything to gain – your health, your energy, and your life!

After we work together and once you’ve experienced the results for yourself, I can’t wait to see you smiling and living your BEST LIFE: pain-free, injury-free, and happy!

I only work with clients who are serious, committed, and disciplined to follow my treatment plans consistently, so they get the best results.


  • Comprehensive hands-on or online assessment
  • One follow up call
  • Initial individualized assessment – may include physical evaluation, gut assessment, blood work, and food sensitivity test, as applicable
  • Hands on treatment for an agreed upon time period
  • Flexible to travel world-wide to client locations
  • Initial face to face or online consultation prior to the weekend – may include a physical assessment, gut assessment, blood work, and food sensitivity tests completed prior to trip based on this initial consultation.
  • Exclusive villa accommodation: Superior level of luxury, service and amenities found at the worlds’ premier hotels with the privacy and creature comforts of an upscale personal residence with butler service
  • Customized delicious and healthy meals, drinks and snacks from a personal chef working with Navin
  • Treatments with Navin each day by the beach enjoying the pristine beauty of the Turks and Caicos crystal clear turquoise waters and miles of white sand beaches
  • Customized workout for your health needs each day at the villa with Navin
  • Personal yoga instructor each day for sunrise or sundown yoga
  • Horseback riding on the beach (optional)
  • Kiteboarding, Kayaking and Paddle boarding (optional)
OPTION 4 : BEST ME Program