Discover how you can get that “aha” piece of advice to improve your life

…Without having to take extra time for it!

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  • Published On: May 26, 2022

    Dealt with the devastating news that she has stage 4 cancer, Cynthia Turo didn’t take that news sitting down. She talks with Navin about the journey she went through to overcome her most difficult chapter.
  • Published On: May 17, 2022

    In this episode, Navin talks about how to break away from the two S.A.D.s if you want to have your BEST human experience and not just survive life!
  • Published On: May 5, 2022

    In this episode Navin talks about how our thoughts are the most powerful tool we have to create the life we want.
  • Published On: April 21, 2022

    Leneé Cook-Braxton joins Navin to talk about her journey and the practice of hypnosis, looking within yourself, and optimum performance.
  • Published On: April 14, 2022

    Amanda Shaefer joins Navin to talk about the simple concept of gratitude that isn’t always easy in practice. Amanda walks us through some best practices and guidelines of how to practice gratitude.
  • Published On: March 31, 2022

    Debbie Craig, founder of Catalyst Consulting, joins us to talk about navigating change and finding the courage to confront parts of your life that need change.
  • Published On: March 24, 2022

    Joe Lemon, fellow podcaster and digital marketer, joins Navin to share a really interesting story behind the science of happiness and the advice he has for healthcare practitioners.
  • Published On: March 17, 2022

    Author, Producer, Speaker, and Composer, Barry Goldstein, joins this week to talk about how sound, music, and songs can help you unlock your full potential and thrive.
  • Published On: March 10, 2022

    Dr. Leif Hass, a family medicine doctor talks about how the way he treats people has evolved and why he’s writing prescriptions for happiness.
  • Published On: March 3, 2022

    Jinny Uppal, a Growth Strategist for Fortune 500 companies, joins Navin to talk about why inaction isn’t always a bad thing. She talks about the benefits of taking a step back and letting the mind wander to solve problems.

Finding time to up level and engage in self-improvement is difficult while trying to balance our day to day chores.

Imagine if you could get those “aha” pieces of advice, in bite sized chunks, that you can listen to while you’re cooking, driving, in the shower, or exercising. The type of advice that could change the way you look at yourself, your career, your family – your entire life and drive you to make a positive change.

“Stop everything you are doing and help whoever who comes through this door.”

That advice from the then Head Athletic trainer for the Washington Football Team (formerly Redskins) 20 years ago changed my life forever. Ever since that day, I have had a mindset that I am here to help people that reach out to me, and I will do everything I can to help them with health, wellness, and performance so they could live their best life – from giving health and wellness advice, making chiropractic adjustments, to doing rehab or preventive care.

Navin, widely considered a leader in integrated health, wellness, and performance whose clients include some of the best athletes in the world (NFL, NBA, WNBA, Olympians, etc.), celebrities, and popular musicians, connects you with some of the most influential, successful, and fascinating people from around the world who are excited to share their #1 “aha” advice secret, or success tip to help you achieve that next level of success in 9 succinct uninterrupted minutes!

With this podcast, Navin’s purpose is to use this platform to serve humanity, lead by positive example, and encourage spiritual awakening to create communities of happy and healthy people who enjoy life to their fullest.

Here’s What Some Our Listeners Are Saying…

LOVE your podcast with your brother!!! So much that I have gotten my daughters listening to it and them loving it!


Inspirational These 9 minutes are such a wonderful way to start the day. An inspirational message in each podcast that makes you really reflect on yourself. Keep it up!


Amazing quick inspiration to start the day! Navin does a great job of bringing out the best in his guests and in a quick digestible format perfect for taking the dog for a walk or just getting ready in the morning. Keep it up!


Exciting stuff Great podcast, simple, easy to listen to, lots of info packed into 9 mins!! I’m so happy I can continue to learn about healthy and wellness through your podcasts. Thanks!


So informative! It’s incredible how much I learned in 9 minutes! Can’t wait for future episodes!


Fantastic Content Brought to You by A Better Person Navin’s breath and depth of knowledge and experience is second to none. He has the ability to take complex subjects/topics and to simplify them into actionable goals that can help you live a better life. Highly recommend.

Leo Shveyd

You can’t afford to miss this! Everyone has nine minutes somewhere in this day, and the advice and guidance Navin provides in his teachings and the quality of guests he’s bringing on are just absolutely incredible. Thanks, Navin!