Functional Medicine in Professional Sports with The Lab Report

Professional athletes are seen as the pinnacle of health and performance. But the work that goes into ensuring their well-being can be daunting. Navin Hettiarachchi has been working behind the scenes in professional sports for 20 years. In today’s episode, we hear about his functional medicine approach and the way he uses personalized medicine to help professional athletes achieve peak performance and be their best selves.

OnThe Lab Report:

  • 2:30 Learn about Navin Hettiarachchi and his path to sports medicine
  • 7:00 Health, wellness, and functional labs in optimizing performance
  • 10:45 The role of mind-body practices
  • 14:00 Navin’s holistic REDT method
  • 17:00 Personalized diets and fasting
  • 23:45 Using continuous glucose monitoring and wearable devices
  • 26:30 Functional exercise and movement
  • 28:25 com
  • 30:25 The Fireball
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How to Unlock Your Full Physical & Mental Potential

Great podcast episode with @backseat.banter talking about how we can tap into our inner superpowers which we sometimes don’t even know exists until we get into “flow” state.

Until Roger banister showed us that a mile could be run within 4 mins, people said it was impossible. No high school kids easily run within 4 mins!

Navin shares examples of tapping into superpower from his experiences and what he saw working with elite athletes like @alanabeard @taylerhill_2 and @johnwall.

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Body Knowledge

On this podcast with @luisc.nutricion, Navin shares information on:

1. The “perfect diet” – what he calls it the Thumbprint diet
2. Why the convention diet guidelines are bad for you
3. The 4 pillars that are needed to be healthy

He shares how we can improve our overall health and prevent diseases.

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NBA Strength and Conditioning Coach Navin Hettiarachchi

This is the first time in 17 years Navin hasn’t worked in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a strength and conditioning coach. He received 10 NOs before he got his YES, to achieve his dream of going to work for the Washington Wizards.

He currently is opening a new chapter, when he realized he has an even bigger purpose..

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NBA India – Live on “nutrition and self-care for athletes

Live with Navin Hettiarachchi on “Nutrition & Self-Care for Athletes”.

He is the Director of Health, Wellness and Performance for the Washington Wizards, and he spoke on many things that can come in handy for everyone to live a healthier lifestyle in this #NBATogetherLive session.

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NBA Restart feat. Navin Hettiarachchi and Thirdy Ravena

Watch as Navin Hettiarachchi, Washington Wizards Director of Health, Wellness, and Performance, tells his experience of conditioning his team for the rigorous physical demands of the NBA Restart. He is joined by Thirdy Ravena of the B.League and Nikko Ramos of SLAM Philippines and Titan 22.

Stay updated with the seeding games! Enjoy a #WholeNewGame on TV5, One Sports, NBA TV Philippines, and NBA League Pass. 🏀

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Navin talks on the 4 Pillars of Mental Wellbeing with ReDockto, India.

On the 9th of May, in the first episode of #WeCare we had a very insightful session by Navin Hettiarachchi. The discussion was mainly on how in this current lockdown can sleep, nutrition, movement and mindfulness can help people maintain their wellness and mental well-being. We had an overwhelming participation from students across the country.

Thank you Navin for giving us your time and sharing such useful information with us! It was a delight to have you with us🌟

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Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Navin Hettiarachchi. Navin is the director of health, wellness, and performance for the NBA’s Washington Wizards.

Navin found intermittent fasting (IF) in 2015, while trying to optimize his own health. IF immediately clicked for him, and he continues to keep an 18-21 hour daily fast. Navin constantly seeks to find things he believes in so that he may pass ideas along to his clients. IF is one of the strategies he recommends.

The advice Navin would give to new IFers: “Start slow with IF. Instead of having breakfast, go for a walk, exercise.”

Upper Left Performance Podcast #28 Navin Hettiarachchi – NBA Bubble Life, Gratitude, Joy and Longevity for Elite Athletes

Athletic Recovery & Performance Podcast

Anthony Kjenstad

Navin Hettiarachchi-4 pillars to the best version of you!

New podcast episode #8: Great Interview with Navin Hettiarachchi. Navin is the Director of Wellness and Performance with the Washington Wizards and hosts his own podcast 9 minutes to Thrive with Navin(

Inform Performance Podcast

Andy McDonald

Episode 46: Andy McDonald chats to Navin Hettiarachchi the Director of Health, Wellness and Performance for the Washington Wizards at the time of recording. Navin began his career interning at the Washington Redskins NFL team, followed by spells at Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation INC and the Washington Mystics. This episode and the conversation is largely centred around Navin’s holistic and broad consideration of care.

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Will the NBA Players play? Plus NCAA in jeopardy & staying sharp/fit during Coronavirus.

Just for Sport podcast with Jumoke

The NBA has a return plan of action but will the players play? Plus the chances for College Basketball and Football, and taking care of your mind and body during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

WATCH:#NBATogetherLive with Navin Hettiarachchi, the Director of Health, Wellness & Performance for the Washington Wizards

The Sri Lankan native, who has been with the Wizards since 2003, shares his journey from Sri Lanka to Washington D.C and also discusses “Nutrition & Self-Care for Athletes” on NBA India’s Instagram Live session on May 19th.

However, the digital age we live in has certainly helped reduce some of the pain of being away from our loved ones for so long. It has also allowed the league to launch and successfully run its NBA Together campaign.

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Introducing Navin Hettiarachchi, the Director of Health, Wellness, and Performance for the Washington Wizards shares his work life behind the scenes with the Wizards.

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Navin behind the scenes with the Washington Wizards. A must see!

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Navin’s “Four Pillars” for happiness and health to be the version of you!

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