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Sep 16, 2021

Charlene Wheeless

Author and public speaker, Charlene Wheeless, talks about how her unapologetic authenticity has helped her thrive and who she channels when she gives her public speeches. (Read More)

Sep 09, 2021

Season 2 Premier – Navin and Kanch’s Ukraine Recap

We’re back with our second season! To kick things off, Navin is joined by Kanch as they recap their trip to Ukraine – from eating nose to tail, to dancing with dolphins, and their advice for when YOU encounter a tourist in your hometown. (Read More)

Jun 24, 2021

Season Finale: Recap

Psychotherapist, Mitch Davidowitz, joins the podcast this week to talk about the need to look at yourself from a “wide angle lens” and not just focus on the strengths… (Read More)

Jun 17, 2021

Mitch Davidowitz

Psychotherapist, Mitch Davidowitz, joins the podcast this week to talk about the need to look at yourself from a “wide angle lens” and not just focus on the strengths… (Read More)

Jun 10, 2021

Dr. Joshua Weiss

Dr. Joshua Weiss, Author and Negotiation Specialist, joins Navin to discuss the power of negotiation and why you should consider day to day interactions as negotiations and how to become better at it. (Read More)

Jun 03, 2021

Dr. Lily Kiswani

Dr. Lily Kiswani joins Navin to talk about her transition from Gynecology to Integrative medicine with a focus on prevention of Diabetes, and the advice she has for all women and young girls. (Read More)

May 27, 2021

Dr. Tracy Gapin

Dr. Tracy Gapin is on this week to talk about why you might want to reconsider throwing your tupperware full of leftovers into the microwave or taking your [plastic] water bottle in the sauna with you, (Read More)

May 20, 2021

Janaka Wannaku

Dr. Janaka Wannaku joins us this week to talk about why he encourages his patients to fast and reduce the carbohydrate intake in a country where most of the food that is consumed is carbohydrates. (Read More)

May 13, 2021

Jesse Iwuji

Jesse Iwuji, one of two black drivers competing in the national level of NASCAR, joins Navin. He talks about how he moves and drives with intention. He talks about how he set forth his goals and ensures nothing derails him. (Read More)

May 06, 2021

Got [Raw] Milk?

In this episode, Navin takes the mic to share his thoughts on raw milk! He explains how he never used to even recommend milk and dairy to his clients and how his trip to Tanzania and spending time with the Masaai changed his whole perspective. (Read More)

Apr 29, 2021

Philip Ovadia

Dr. Philip Ovadia joins Navin for a special extended episode: not only does Dr. Ovadia share his advice on how to THRIVE with a diet consisting of real food, but he also shares his journey from childhood to post med school life when he himself was morbidly obese. (Read More)

Apr 22, 2021

Kelvin Joseph

Kelvin Joseph, CEO of Kool Kel Marketing, joins Navin to talk about humility and learning from those around you to unlock your true potential. (Read More)

Apr 15, 2021

Matthew Rees

Matthew Rees, founder of Geonomica, joins Navin to talk about simple things that can be done to change the current state of health in the United States and what actions we can all take to better our health. (Read More)

Apr 08, 2021

Vaughn Dabney

Vaughn Dabney, founder of Unoma Haus, joins Navin to talk about his journey of breaking the norm, letting go of the ego, and how he got started a tiny home/van life. (Read More)

Apr 01, 2021

Daniel Kellman

Daniel Kellman, Director of Naturopathic Support and Rehabilitation Services, joins to talk about moving towards healthcare vs disease care and his tips so that you can avoid ending up in his office. (Read More)