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Feb 18, 2021

Dr. Jannell Macaulay

Dr. Jannell Macaulay, a US Air Force Veteran, usually works with individuals that operate in stressful environments, and she’s found more and more people are becoming (Read More)

Feb 11, 2021

Ajia Munns

Ajia Munns – actress, filmmaker, and poet, joins this week to talk about the one universal message she would tell her daughter or son – self-love produces everything you want and love (Read More)

Feb 04, 2021

Dena Jackson

Comedian and writer, Dena Jackson, joins Navin to talk about her practice of mindfulness. She also dives into how laughter is the medicine we need in times like this. (Read More)

Jan 28, 2021

Monica Fay

Monica Fay, professional organizer and leading expert on decluttering space and mind, joins Navin to talk about how to create a vibrant life by decluttering your life! (Read More)

Jan 21, 2021

Dinesh Palipana

Dr. Dinesh Palipana joins Navin to talk about how he persevered despite his life being turned upside down in an instant when he was left paralyzed from the chest down while in medical school. (Read More)

Jan 14, 2021

Sarah Rattray

Dr. Sarah Rattray, a leading couples therapist, gives a great reminder on how to speak with your partner and have those important conversations in a time when we are stressed (Read More)

Jan 07, 2021

Blaine Scully

Blaine Scully, former US Rugby national team captain, joins Navin to talk about leadership and how it should be viewed as a position of service and not a position of privilege. (Read More)

Dec 29, 2020

Navin’s 9 Wellness Tips for 2021

In a special episode heading into the new year, Navin provides his 9 wellness tips for 2021. (Read More)

Dec 17, 2020

Niels de Sturler Boekwijt

Niels de Sturler Boekwijt joins Navin to tell his fascinating story of how he used meditation to overcome his manic depression during his time studying in Osteopathic (Read More)

Dec 9, 2020

Suzanne Ravenall

Suzanne Ravenall, an incredible personal development coach, joins Navin to talk about the fascinating subject of patterning at a young age and how that affects us in our adult life. (Read More)

Dec 03, 2020

Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries, former NBA player and now a successful entreprenuer, joins Navin to talk about how his competitiveness drove his success on and off the court. (Read More)

Nov 19, 2020

Livia Grunfeld

In a special two part episode, Navin interviews Livia Grunfeld, a holocaust survivor. In part one, Livia talks through the advice she has for everyone on loving one another and reminds us (Read More)

Nov 12, 2020

Frank Ross

NBA Executive, Frank Ross, joins Navin to talk about following his passion and how he didn’t let anyone or anything stop him from chasing his passion. (Read More)

Nov 04, 2020

SPECIAL EPISODE: Navin's Trip to Tanzania

The tables get turned and Navin is interviewed by podcast producer and Navin's brother, Isuru. Navin discusses his trip to Tanzania where he ran 5 workshops for both young athletes as well as physical therapists, visited and learned from the Maasai Tribe, and went on safari (Read More)

Oct 29, 2020

Cari Rosno

Cari Rosno, Certified Human Potential Coach, joins Navin to talk about how she overcame PTSD after surviving the Boston Marathon bombings to become a manifestation coach (Read More)

Oct 22, 2020

Ramon Sessions

Former NBA player, Ramon Sessions joins Navin to talk about giving it 100% all of the time, where that work ethic comes from, and the person he looks up to the most that drove him to greatness. (Read More)