My name is Allen Gill. I am 59 years old and a General Contractor and cattle rancher. I am also a professional team roper. If you are not familiar with team roping, it is an event performed by cowboys at rodeos and other events. It is also necessary for the care, doctoring and management of cattle on ranches across the country.

I met Navin through a series of coincidences and, I believe, some divine intervention. When I met Navin in May, 2022, I was unable to rope due to chronic shoulder pain. I had previously had an MRI that revealed a tear in the rotator cuff along with some other issues. I was taking several Ibuprofen per day just to be able to sleep. If I was roping, I was taking as many as nine Ibuprofen per day. I have also had several injections as well as physical therapy, none of which fully relieved the pain. I was scheduled to meet with a surgeon to repair the damage in my shoulder. At a lunch meeting with Navin and a mutual friend, the subject of my shoulder was brought up. Navin offered to look at my shoulder and perform some therapy.

During the visit for therapy on my shoulder which included, among other things, stretching, massage and breathing exercises, Navin offered to discuss my nutritional health. That is when the magic happened. Fast forward about four months later, after following a very specific lifestyle and nutrition plan, I am down 40 pounds and no longer prediabetic. As a result of the change in my eating habits (mostly getting rid of sugar), the inflammation is gone from my shoulder and I no longer suffer from any pain. I haven’t taken any Ibuprofen for several months and I’m back to roping competitively at a level where I haven’t been in years and I no longer need surgery.

Beyond just treating my physical and nutritional needs, Navin has become a very dear friend. I have never been around a more warm, caring and positive soul. He just makes you want to do better and live better and he gives you the tools to do so. I’ve been asked many times what “diet” I am following. I don’t consider my eating plan a “diet”. Your eating habits have to become a lifestyle to really make a change. I had known some of what I needed to do for years but Navin explained everything in a way that made sense to me. Every recommendation Navin offers, is backed by research and scientific studies including the importance of your mental health, your posture and your breathing.

Navin has taught me the importance of meditation and how to do so along with the need to live “in the present”. He has taught me not to worry about what has happened or what may happen tomorrow, but to really live a joyful life at the present time. If you are tired of being tired, overweight and unhappy, I highly recommend scheduling a visit with Navin. He will give you the information and the tools you will need to start living a healthier life. I know that he has certainly changed mine for the better.