Navin saved my career when I injured my knee. All the team doctors and specialists I had consulted across the country told me that I have to have surgery and I didn’t want to do that because I was scared that would be the end of my career! Luckily, I called Navin and he flew over within a few days. I knew he was the only person who would know how to help me. Navin got to work fast working on me with my flexibility, range of motion, strength and he even tested my bloodwork, my sleep quality, and he was also working with my chef to make sure I was eating healthy anti-inflammatory food! I know he even gave a whole list of places for my chef to go get food locally. He did everything from every angle to help me heal properly. He also introduced me to biohacking treatments so he would come and do treatment all morning and then in the evening he would add these biohacking treatments to get me healed faster and help keep up my performance level during this tough time.

I think he sensed that I was really down and stressed mentally about my injury so he was constantly coaching me on mindset and the power of our thoughts, sharing all these incredible stories of patients and scientific research who had used mindfulness to heal! Navin is truly a unique gem who will go above and beyond what you would ever expect! Of course, with his ever smiling positive personality, it was really hard to be down for long!

He was able to get me back to playing in just two and a half months and without any surgery!!! He didn’t stop there, he also involved my wife and the chef and shared his knowledge with them so they knew how to best support me during this time and gave us all these resources – just incredible extra things we didn’t even expect!

Even though I have been injury-free for months now, Navin still checks up on me sending me videos of exercises I should do or little reminders and share health articles he comes across. I’ve never met a person who genuinely cares so passionately about keeping me healthy! I hope you use Navin without thinking twice because you will never look back after! He will be the best and the only investment you will ever want for your health!