I was playing golf one day with one of my new business partners and I could not even get myself to walk to the golf cart. I have not been able to eat and enjoy most foods for years having severe allergic reactions or diarrhea. This has been worsening and taking a toll on me, weakening my body. I noticed the stress was also impacting my mental state and memory. He knew about my health issues and kept insisting I call Dr. Hettiarachchi. I was very hesitant to call Dr. Hettiarachchi because I had seen so many doctors around the country and had done every single test possible, yet nobody could figure out what was going on or why I was having all these violent reactions to certain food! They had no answers and all they told me was not to eat this long list of foods! I have had to take my chef with me wherever I went because I had to be so careful of what I eat. Worried that I was going to come to another dead end but because of the insistence of my partner, I finally reached out to Dr. Hettiarachchi and he came to visit me over a weekend. I knew he was different than all the doctors I had seen because the questions he was asking me were very different. This intrigued me because he was looking at my issue from a very different way. He wanted to know my whole history and look at all my test results and he spent the entire weekend working with me. All I can tell you is that by the end of his visit I had healed and cured my food issues and was able to enjoy the foods I could not eat for years! It was incredible! This man just opened my eyes to another world of self-healing which I had not known about! I am so thankful that my partner insisted I see Dr. Hettiarachchi! In the same way, if you are reading this, please don’t hesitate, there is no one like him out there – he will change your life and your health!