Ajia Munns – actress, filmmaker, and poet, joins this week to talk about the one universal message she would tell her daughter or son – self-love produces everything you want and love. She talks about how she used to give-give-give, at the sacrifice of her own self love, resulting in being taken advantage of.

Guest Bio

Ajia Munns is a dynamic actress that is taking the industry by storm. Captivating intended audiences, she brings a powerful force to the screen. She was born in Cleveland, OH but spent most of her adolescent and teenage years in Dallas, TX. Her entertainment studies began in these early years with modeling and evolved into acting as well. Since relocating to the Los Angeles area, Ajia’s continued study includes Second City School of Improvisation of Hollywood, CA and Ruskin School of Acting of Santa Monica, CA where she completed the Meisner Conservatory Program.

Ajia feels responsible for expressing truths and the power of acting has allowed her performances to be that expression. Every project is an opportunity for Ajia to build strong relationships & learn new aspects of her craft. She has been featured on stage, web, film, and television projects in Los Angeles, CA. If there is one word to describe her, it would be passionate.

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