Amanda Shaefer joins Navin to talk about the simple concept of gratitude that isn’t always easy in practice. Amanda walks us through some best practices and guidelines of how to practice gratitude.


Amanda Schaefer is an author, speaker, publisher, and podcast host. No matter what vehicle she uses to share, Amanda is always telling stories. Amanda attended New York University, majoring in Dramatic Writing but was not a believer at the time. She would never have imagined using all of the things she learned there to create a Christian podcast. This endeavor, the “A Cup of Gratitude” podcast, is being listened to worldwide! It has far surpassed any of her expectations. Amanda’s goal was to provide a platform for people to share their stories and, as a result, to share God’s story. With no agenda other than finding the way to view lives through the lens of gratitude, she has chosen to keep this podcast as a ministry with no monetization of any kind. With new books on the horizon and some collective efforts around the bend, Amanda is ready for each opportunity she receives to share the gospel in every way that she can.


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