Bob Bondiman, Masters Weightlifting World Champion, joins this week to talk about the respect he has for his body and how he maintains his body to ensure he will continue to compete at the highest levels for years to come!


Bob has been doing Olympic Weightlifting from June 1969 to the present. From the beginning he has learned the theory and practice of Olympic Weightlifting from National Champions and Olympians at Chicago’s Sayre Park Weightlifting Club. Bob competed actively from his late teens until his mid-20’s, resumed competition in his late 30’s for 18 months, beginning anew from his early 50’s to the present. He is noted for his excellent lifting technique and flexibility and is currently experiencing his greatest success as a Master lifter.

Through the years, many lifters have benefited from Bob’s advice on lifting technique, training methods and competition strategy. In addition to Olympic Weightlifting, his other athletic interests include Cycling, including some time trial and criterium racing and more recently Crossfit.

Bob’s Lifting Accomplishments / Resources:

Bob has competed in approximately 60 meets in the last 18 years, mostly as a Master lifter. Bob currently (August 2021) as a competitor in the 70-74 age group is:

  • World Champion (May 2021)
  • Pan American Champion (August 2021)
  • National Champion – (March 2021) broke all the national records in the 70 plus age group – 73kg weight class
  • Inducted into the Master weightlifting Hall of Fame – March 2021

Bob has competed in 5 other world championships from 2003 through 2019 placing from 6th – 3rd.  He has won 9 other Master National Championships from 2006 – 2020.  Bob has competed in the Pan American Championship meet 3 times and won all of them.

Lifetime records are a 248 pound snatch, 308 pound Clean & Jerk, and Front Squat of 325 pounds.  To date in 2021, while weighing 160 pounds, Bob snatched 147 pounds and clean & jerked 189 pounds.

To summarize, Olympic Weightlifting has kept Bob fit and flexible at an age when most athletes are no longer able to pursue aggressive athletic activities.  By keeping in touch with other knowledgeable lifters, he is able to keep up on new training, technique and competition ideas for himself as well as helping other less experienced lifters.  In addition, Bob has been a member of USA Weightlifting for many years and is a USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach as well as a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer.


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