Cari Rosno, Certified Human Potential Coach, joins Navin to talk about how she overcame PTSD after surviving the Boston Marathon bombings to become a manifestation coach and her advice to help you overcome your obstacles through manifestation.

Guest Bio

Cari began her practice after navigating a journey through her own healing. As a survivor of the bombings at the Boston Marathon in 2013 and after years of built up trauma and stress, Cari became bedridden with illness. In her relentless search for answers Cari not only found herself and reclaimed the power in her own life, she overcame PTSD, Chronic Lyme disease, Hashimotos and Heavy Metal Toxicity. All of this has driven Cari in her passion and desire to guide her clients through releasing their own trauma and healing mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

As an Advanced ThetaHealing® practitioner, Certified Human Potential Coach through the Bulletproof® Training Institute and Certified NeurOptimal® Practitioner, Cari guides her clients through releasing limiting beliefs and outdated subconscious programs, creating space for love, joy and a life full of happiness.

Guest Social Media/Contact info

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Instagram – @carirosno
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