Debbie Craig, founder of Catalyst Consulting, joins us to talk about navigating change and finding the courage to confront parts of your life that need change.


Debbie is a passionate adventurer, mountain climber, dolphin swimmer, compulsive seeker & sharer, difference maker, patriotic South African, author, facilitator, yoga nut, wine snob, dog lover, guardian mom, stepmom, wife, and friend. Debbie is the founder and MD of Catalyst Consulting and has been transforming organisations, teams, and individuals for over 20 years, both locally and internationally in over 5 continents and 15 countries.

Debbie has over 20 years’ experience in the field of strategy, leadership, culture, change, talent, teams, and HR capability building. She has worked and consulted at leading local and global organisations in the private and public sector throughout Southern Africa and internationally. Debbie is a skilled strategist, design architect, team builder, a powerful facilitator, change agent and executive coach. Her passion is transformation and empowerment which she facilitates through coaching, workshops, training, and consulting assignments. Debbie is the founder and Managing Director of Catalyst Consulting which she has grown into a successful consulting company (now 22 years old). She is also the founder of World Alive, a personal transformation company. She is a registered Master HR Professional through the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP). She is also a certified NLP practitioner, Ennea International distributor, and an International NeuroChange Solutions Consultant with a deep understanding of the neuroscience, neurochemistry and neurobiology of human behaviour and change. Debbie has published 3 books “I am Talent”, “I am Alive” and “Accelerated Learning”, (and a 4th to be launched soon), written numerous articles, appeared on radio talk shows and presents at conferences. Debbie is a warm and down to earth facilitator, leader, and life coach. She is an engaging presenter with practical advice and information that is easy to apply. Debbie was awarded the Inclusive Leader award at Accenture’s Gender Mainstreaming Awards in 2021, and Catalyst Consulting has been nominated for a Professional Services award by Standard Bank’s Top Women Awards.

Some interesting titbits: Debbie has travelled to more than 60 countries, hiked to Machu Pichu, Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp and walked the Spanish and Italian Caminos. She swims regularly with dolphins in the wild. She looks after 3 guardian children and 2 step kids. Debbie is passionate about personal development and participates in numerous mindfulness and transformation experiences including many trips to India and advanced meditation retreats with Dr Doe Dispenza. Debbie has facilitated many personal transformation workshops and retreats for others. She is passionate about South Africa and making a difference to People’s lives.


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