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How to exercise walk to get the best results

When you walk, you have one leg in front of the other. Just like that, swing and exaggerate the arms one at a time.

The body is meant to “pump”, alternate and reach.

We don’t do enough forward and overhead reaching. We have gotten our body onto poor patterns so we extend through our lumbar spine/back.

This is why you might be experiencing different types of back pain.

Over exaggerate with forward and back arm swings and overhead reaching. However, be sure to keep your rib cage dome shaped and compact while doing these movements – without overextending the back […]

I just had the privilege of testing out the new CLMBR and absolutely loved it!

Why I love it:

1) Very efficient total body cardio workout
2) Upright vertical position so the body is not compressed
3) Enforces basic human fundamental movements (crawling in a vertical position)
4) No impact on the joints

Must have equipment in any gym or home! Best of all, it takes so little space.

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Unilateral breathing through one nostril for increased recovery

This is a great simple biohack to “Rest and Recover” your body.

It’s all about the QUALITY OF YOUR RECOVERY that determines how well you improve your performance.

When we workout, we are using our sympathetic nervous system to workout. We are in a state of flight or fight/alertness.

When we are not working out, we need to use our parasympathetic nervous system to rest and recover.

By closing the right nostril, you are forced to breath through the left nostril. This gives more oxygen to the right side of the brain – which indicates to the body that you […]

If you are sore, need to recover from an injury, or just need to get your blood pumping, I recommend this product: “Firefly Recovery”.

I’m using it today because I flew the whole day yesterday and my body just feels a little puffy.

The benefits of @fireflyrecovery :

  • Recover faster with increased blood flow
  • Increase microcirculation
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Decreased muscle soreness – post exercise
  • Improve muscle performance

Here’s a link where I talk more about recovery and performance in detail:

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Cocktail Happy Hour with @kanchalgama

This is called a Myer’s Cocktail IV.

We hiked all day in Sedona and with the intense heat, we were feeling dehydrated and our skin looked parched. This was a great way to get some hydration “fuel” back into the body.

  • Hydrate your body
  • Give your body necessary vitamins and nutrients
  • Boost your energy
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve your mood

It consists of the following ingredients.

Saline: aka saltwater, is what delivers the nutrients in the Myers’ cocktail to your system. The saline also replenishes your electrolytes, which can help keep you hydrated and […]

Natural Viagra!

Another type of Viagra! (With no harmful side effects!)

When you breathe in through your nose you generate nitric oxide.

When you breathe in through your mouth, you put the body in “fight or flight” mode where the body thinks you are in danger and gets ready with a stress response.

This @somnifix strip forces you to breathe in through your nose AND if you snore, it helps prevent that too! Snoring means you are choking and your body is grasping for air.

So, nasal breathing —> generates nitric oxide —> increases […]

Your plastic bottle and food containers may be messing up your hormones!

I see people using plastic bottles to carry their drinks and food.

These containers may say they are “BPA free”, it means nothing! That’s how plastic manufacturers get around the rules. These plastic products still contain BPF and BPS!

Why are they bad for you?

  1. We ingest these in small amounts over time and the body does not know how to break it down. So, they accumulate!
  2. BPA plastic exhibits estrogen-mimicking behavior in humans and acts as a hormone! This messes up our growth and reproductive systems. In males, it increases estrogen and decreases your testosterone!

How plastic gets into our […]

Jump roping may be contributing to your neck or back pain

1st video with Kanch (common faults):

  • This is the traditional common way most people do this exercise.
  • It is very back and neck based.
  • Kanch is using her neck and her back.
  • There is no pumping effect like a pogo stick
  • She is also kicking her feet instead of pushing off
2nd video with Michael (efficient way):
  • Jump rope is used back to front (Opposite way then what is commonly used)
  • Abs are working
  • Bouncing and efficient and seamless energy transfer
  • Explosive

3rd video of me:

  • Tips for mastering the double-unders
  • You can do this without a rope at home!

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Taking care of Plantar Fasciitis

There are usually three main root causes for Planter Fasciitis:

1) Flexibility of the toes
2) Ankle mobility and stability
3) Calf tightness

You have to address these areas to prevent or get rid of Planter Fasciitis.

Three things you can do:

1) Move the toes. Do bear crawls that force the toes to move.
2) Do squats. These help strengthen the ankle muscles and improves mobility.
3) Massage out and loosen your calves manually or with a machine.

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Bear crawls

This is a great exercise when you don’t have access to a @jacobsladderexercise machine.

I use this as a corrective exercise to loosen and unlock my back, as a warm up exercise, or as a cardio exercise as well.

Be sure to keep your ears, shoulders, and spine aligned in a straight line so it is in a neutral position.

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