I see people using plastic bottles to carry their drinks and food.

These containers may say they are “BPA free”, it means nothing! That’s how plastic manufacturers get around the rules. These plastic products still contain BPF and BPS!

Why are they bad for you?

  1. We ingest these in small amounts over time and the body does not know how to break it down. So, they accumulate!
  2. BPA plastic exhibits estrogen-mimicking behavior in humans and acts as a hormone! This messes up our growth and reproductive systems. In males, it increases estrogen and decreases your testosterone!

How plastic gets into our body:

  1. Hot drinks/food in plastics slowly degenerates plastic – avoid drinking from plastic bottles that have been in the sun and putting hot items in plastic.
  2. Scratches in plastic containers
  3. Leaching by long-term contact with plastic

Here’s what you CAN DO:

  1. Use clear glass containers to carry your drinks and food.
  2. For babies, use glass bottles and stainless steel sippy cups. No food from plastic packages.
  3. Do not microwave your food in plastic containers.
  4. Even store receipts with thermal ink contain BPA! Don’t touch the part of your receipts with ink in it.

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