Jesse Iwuji, one of two black drivers competing in the national level of NASCAR, joins Navin. He talks about how he moves and drives with intention. He talks about how he set forth his goals and ensures nothing derails him.

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In all things Jesse Iwuji does, there are two constant elements: his love of country and his fighting spirit. This talented driver went from a D1A college football player to a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy and is now the only current driver in all of NASCAR at the national levels that has ever served his country and still does. It has been key for Iwuji, who is currently serving in the Navy Reserves, to honor his country while pursuing and attaining excellence. It should come as no surprise that he has championed companies and charities that give back to our men and women in uniform.

Jesse is also a big supporter of NASCAR diversity. Today he is one of two African Americans competing at NASCARs national levels of racing. He was honored by NASCAR for two in a row – the Diverse Driver of the Year Award. He is a champion both on and off the track!

NASCAR has never seen a driver like Jesse Iwuji before. While streaking toward the top tiers of NASCAR, the unstoppable Jesse Iwuji is taking us all along for one wild and exciting ride and showing those who dare to dream that anything is possible.

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