In a special two part episode, Navin interviews Livia Grunfeld, a holocaust survivor. In part one, Livia talks through the advice she has for everyone on loving one another and reminds us that what goes around, comes around. In part two, we get to hear more of Mrs. Grunfeld’s story and her experience during one of the darkest times in human history.

Guest Bio

Livia Grunfeld was 18 years old, a short letter from her father saved her life. Scribbled hastily in swooping cursive, it read, “If you can, stay where you are.”

Little did she know that it’s that note that would start a chain of events that would find her hiding in bombed-out buildings and sleeping on cement floors in her frayed overcoat. Constantly hungry, she found ways to scrape together meals with whatever food she could find. Barely avoiding a massacre by guards, Livia moved to America to start a new life.


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