Mia Lux joins Navin to talk about the one question she always asks herself, even during the darkest of times, and how you can use that same question in your day to day to see things from a new perspective. She also discusses how she keeps herself accountable and what role her community, specifically her accountability partner, has in keeping her honest.

Guest Bio

Mia Lux merges the playful and the profound – drawing on her experience as a stand-up comedian, personal growth junkie, and recovering lawyer.

For over 5 years, Mia has been an international host, comedian & facilitator, specializing in top wellness/personal development events around the world. As the creator and host of The Conscious-ish Show, it is her mission to make the world’s most powerful ideas more accessible by making them truly enjoyable.

Guest Social Media/Contact info

Youtube – The Concious-ish Show
Instagram – @mymialux
Twitter – @mymialux


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