This week Michiko Hayashi talk about the power of water with Navin.

Michiko Hayashi is the ambassador and global director of the non-profit organization Emoto Peace Project in Japan.

In 2004, when she was on vacation, she bought 10 books. By chance, 2 of the books were by Dr. MasuruEmoto. The beauty of the crystal picture of “Love and Gratitude” and the fact that the water reflected our consciousness convinced her to work directly with Dr. Emoto. Without realizing it, and following some kind of inspiration, she called Dr. Emoto’s office by phone, and from that March day in 2004, she started working with him becoming Dr. Emoto’s personal assistant.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, was the world’s foremost researcher on water, the messenger of water and the author of the books “The Hidden Messages of Water”, “The Message of Water”, “The Healing Power of Water”, “The Secret of Water”, etc., studied water for more than 20 years and achieved great success in visually capturing the water crystal at the moment of freezing. He was acclaimed worldwide for his groundbreaking research and discovery that water retains all information and is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness.

Every substance emits “Hados” which means “vibrations or waves”, something we cannot see or feel. Water is the medium for transmitting such information. As Dr. Emoto’s water research shows, water exposed to negative Hados (vibrations), such as bad words, ugly music, bad thoughts, does not crystallize or produce pernicious effects, while water exposed to positive and beautiful Hados, such as good words, good thoughts and beautiful intentions, prayers, etc., produces beautiful hexagonal crystals.

Michiko Hayashi is his successor.

In 2011, he registered the EMOTO PEACE PROJECT as a non-profit organization in order to spread faster around the world. From there, Dr. Emoto asked Mishiko to be the general secretary of the Project and it is for her a great honor and pleasure to be part of this important project since its beginnings, and she understands that her mission is to make this world the best place for all human beings with the Message of Water and the wonderful help of all the friends of this Earth.




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