Monica Fay, professional organizer and leading expert on decluttering space and mind, joins Navin to talk about how to create a vibrant life by decluttering your life!

Guest Bio

Monica Fay is a Professional Organizer and a leading expert on the psychology of decluttering space and mind. Her work has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, and iHeartRadio. She is the author of The Energetic Outcome: Create A Vibrant Life By Decluttering Your Space And Mind. She is the Founder of Organizer Accelerator- a community and curriculum for thousands of professional organizers to start & scale an organizing business and has led thousands of professional organizers from over 35 countries. She has spoken to brands such as Hyatt, Airbnb, and Scripps to teach people to think differently about the connection between behavioral science, mental health and mess.

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