Niels de Sturler Boekwijt joins Navin to tell his fascinating story of how he used meditation to overcome his manic depression during his time studying Osteopathic Medicine and become the founder of the Inner Mind Institute.

Guest Bio

Niels de Stürler Boekwijt graduated in 2007 as a physiotherapist in Leiden. Shortly after his training, he wanted to expand his knowledge and skills and that is why, in 2008, he started the 6-year course in Osteopathic Medicine at Sutherland College in Amsterdam. Niels is a certified osteopath and has conducted research into how science relates to alternative treatment methods and how to create a scientific foundation for osteopathic medicine.

During the training for osteopathic medicine, Niels traveled to Asia and gained a lot of knowledge about meditation and Buddhist philosophy. With the Inner Mind Therapy, he combines Eastern and Western medicine into one whole so that both physical and mental complaints are remedied effectively. To this day he still travels regularly to Asia to increase his knowledge.


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