“The Zen Lawyer”, Virginia Warren talks about rules that are ingrained in us from early childhood that restrict our ability to think constructively.

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From Virginia Warren’s website: “My journey into law afterward was full of high heels and ideals, but reality bit hard. As most lawyers, who think like me will tell you, the novelty wears off after a while. It was there I finally understood what all of life’s unpleasant experiences were about. I could now see the world in such a way that I became frustrated that others couldn’t readily see it. I had to learn to tone that down. I understand that there are those that are ready and waiting to see a new perspective, and there are those that are not. Again, it’s all perfectly as it should be.

My day job and personal pursuits started merging. Could I emulsify law and yoga philosophy? Could such ideologically-opposing practices co-exist? I started looking at wellness resources for lawyers to discover there wasn’t an overwhelming amount out there. It’s not a popular subject. Vulnerability is not the industry buzzword.

I’ve more recently completed training in shadow work and collaborative law and maintain an interest in many other interesting metaphysical philosophies. I’m now a vegetarian that doesn’t drink alcohol, smoke and avoids cane sugar. Vices that once gave me fulfillment have fallen away as my alignment with me became stronger. There may still be a little shoe shopping and on that note, I embrace my humanness. Emotional empowerment for lawyers is now my game plan: “If you don’t find your emotions, they’ll find you and it won’t be pretty”. Oh, my qualifications for this game are sound. I’ve lived through them all. Life responds to emotions, and so I verily believe that lawyers’ ability to tap into this inner resource will produce a follow-on shift in the practice of law.”

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